メンバーは作編曲家・ピアニストのshezoo(シズ)を中心に壷井彰久(vl) , 小森慶子(cl) , 小林武文(per)。




組曲『月の歴史 Moons』


The original melodies of Trinite are a spice of nostalgia created in thematic suite. This heavenly world is navigated by the talented musicians Shezoo, Akihisa Tsuboy, Keiko Komori, and Takefumi Kobayashi.

Their first album, “Prayer”, was released in 2012, and was subsequently followed by “Chronicle of Moon”, and “God’s bone”, whose musical themes were related to their original album. Their Japan tour will be starting in 2013.

Shezoo, the composer/arranger, pianist, and leader of the group, has a varied background. As a composer and pianist, she produced advertising, film, theater, and documentary music, while also being involved in the art collaboration and composition of music for other musicians. She also play as piano soloist with the another group “Significant, Signifier” for the musical theme of “Soiree” concert periodically.
Her poetic and melodious music is one of the fascinating aspects of Trinite quartet.

Akihisa Tsuboy, known as a transcendent violinst by his incredible techniques and exquisite tones, has a history in Rock, Celtic, and Arab music. With his own group “KBB”, he has already released 5 albums and received great reviews from all the music festivals they played within France, Portugal, Check, Mexico and the U.S.
He even performed as guest player with traditional French Jazz group “Zao” during their Japan tour.

Keiko Komori, who plays the clarinet and bass clarinet, began her artistic career in 1999, and from 2000-2008, played in the group “Shibusa Shirazu”, which performed live in Japan, “Moers Festival” in Geramany, “Glastonbury Festival” in England
and many other countries.
With the progressive rock group “Koenji Hyakkei”, she continued to perform as
soprano sax player “Rock in Opposition” in France, “Nearfest” in US and at North American rock festivals. With a desire to face unlimited challenges, she played with the jazz group “Saifa” and performed at the “North Sea Jazz Festival”. While continuing her work with “Trinite”, she also performs with “Mongoloiders NEO” and “Fortis”.